Who is Agu Stanley Chiedozie? Biography Age Height Girlfriend of Viral Nigerian Man In India

The famous Hindi-speaking Nigerian man in India Agu Stanley Chiedozie is now a celebrity on social media. For a few days, so many videos and interviews were taken by the news media and YouTubers. Agu Stanley Chiedozie is a Nigerian man and he is currently living in India. He came into the limelight when his videos went viral in which Agu Stanley Chiedozie was speaking the Indian regional language ‘Bhojpuri’. He has over 130k followers on Instagram and subscribers on youtube as well. Here is the complete information about the various details like his height, girlfriend, career, education, biography, and family.

Agu Stanley Chiedozie Biography, Age, Height

22-year-old Agu Stanley is a Hindi-speaking Nigerian content creator on social media like Instagram. He has completed a B.Pharma degree in India from Amity University, Lucknow. Along with his studies, he used to play basketball in sports activities. During his studies in India, Agu Stanley Chiedozie’s friends helped him to learn and master the Hindi language. Currently, he is living in India and creating content that is getting so much appreciation from social media users around the world.

He is very tall in appearance and his height is 6’2. Agu Stanley went into the limelight after making an extremely funny reel on Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari’s song ‘Hum Hi Hai Bhojpuriya Don’. That reel amazed Instagram users and as a result, that video got so many views. After this, he made so many hilarious videos which are enough to entertain anyone around the world.

Agu Stanley Chiedozie Career, Instagram Id

He has completed graduation with B.Pharma and now we can say Agu Stanley Chiedozie is a full-time content creator on Instagram. Currently, he has over 130k followers on Instagram and millions of views on his reels. Agu usually makes funny videos on different dialogues in Hindi and sometimes he sings Hindi songs on camera which fascinates people to watch more of his videos.

If you want to find his Instagram account here is Agu Stanley Chiedozie Instagram username @istanboss. On his account, there are over 142 posts which are enough to entertain you beyond your expectations.

Agu Stanley Chiedozie Wiki Biography Age Education

Why Agu Is Getting Viral On the Internet?

So many people are amazed to see Agu Stanley speaking Hindi so fluently. It is the primary reason behind his popularity. But the videos he makes on social media where he speaks Hindi dialogues, and songs are too engaging for his audience. He came in several YouTube podcasts and news interviews which is another reason behind the rise of his popularity.

Who is Agu Stanley’s Girlfriend?

Agu Stanley is not in any relationship right now. However, he has not opened up about his relationship status. Currently, Agu is focusing on building his career in acting. In interviews, he revealed that he is interested to work in acting in Bollywood films.

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