AI CEO Mika Wiki, Age Know Everything About World’s First AI CEO

AI CEO Mika is the new topic people searching about on the Internet. Dictador has recently announced its first robot CEO. The company is a luxury lifestyle brand that provides aged spirits, cigars, and coffee. The brand has designed the robot to think and function according to the company’s needs. The robot is named Mika. It is a female-looking robot. AI entered the love lives of people already as many started dating a robot girlfriend. While others have a robot dog. The other aspect left was career. This shows that the world can be a different place 10 years later.

AI CEO Mika Wiki Know Everything About World's First AI CEO

Mika AI CEO Wikipedia, Age, Humanoid Robot of Dictador

AI CEO Mika is the first humanoid robot CEO in the world. She is given the position of CEO in Dictador company. The company deals in luxury lifestyle things like aged spirits, coffee, and cigars. Mika is properly designed to take the company towards growth. The robot is manufactured by Hanson Robotics. The company’s CEO is David Hanson. He believes that robots should learn to be friends with humans. They need to be humanized. It was their first step towards their vision. The step has left everyone shocked. Several debates are being raised on the topic. All the employees of the company will follow the orders of Mika. She properly answers every question being asked. Mika is quite advanced in its functionality. This shows that technology is growing a thousand times faster than the human brain can think.

People’s Reaction to the Mika

There have been several debates on the topic. In the news interviews, many people have shown their concern and threats of rising a.i. A person said that humans need to decide the next step, not the robots. The company is making robots as a decision-maker. Other individuals mentioned that robots don’t need respect. They are machines, not humans.

All the news reporters and journalists are also discussing the lives of humans working under robots. It will not feel good to be fired by a robot. They believe that more efforts should be made by humans to get closer to nature, not artificial things. The world will need to adjust to the robot’s decisions. No one saw such a thing in any fictional film or imagined this scenario ever. A man mentioned that it is just a way to humanize the robots without actually understanding their consequences. Stay tuned for more information.

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