Chennai Air Custom Seized Gold Capsules Swallowed by Seven Passengers

A Surprising incident happened at Chennai Airport, Chennai Air customs have seized  Gold which is approximately worth rupees. Air Intelligence Unit Officers found seven people suspected and arrest them immediately after busting this smuggling racket. The suspected passengers found have already swallowed gold paste capsules which are wrapped with polythene/rubber cover. Here is the complete news about this Gold smuggling racket. Stay ahead to know every detail.

The whole smuggling racket was burst by the Air Custom on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Air Intelligence Unit Officers found some signs of something wrong when these seven passengers were intercepted at the exit and on suspicion of carrying gold.

It was found that the seven passengers have arrived from Dubai to Sharjah on January 22, 2021. To identify more details Air Intelligence Unit Officers start questioning these seven-suspected-passengers. In the questioning, one of the accused admitted that they swallowed the gold paste and which is now concealing in their stomach and rectum. Along with this information, they told officers that they swallowed these capsules before departure.

After the formal request to recover these gold paste capsules. They were immediately admitted to the Stanley Government hospital to recover the capsules from accused’s stomach and rectum under medical supervision. Later, Custom informed media that the whole process will require up to eight days to complete to recover the gold capsules safely. “Total of gold valued at were seized under Customs Act from eight passengers. Seven arrested,” the officials said.

Total capsules which are  weight and approximately valued Rs  has been found from the stomach of 7 passengers, Custom department said “Total   of gold valued at ₹ were seized under Customs Act from eight passengers. Seven arrested,”

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