Miguel McKelvey Net Worth, Income, Wealth Biography, Career & Success Story

Miguel McKelvey is a businessman known for co-founding WeWork. He has been working in the company for a long time. WeWork filed the Bankruptcy recently, after this news most people were curious to know Miguel McKelvey net worth, wealth, and success story. People are curious to know more about him. We will share details about Miguel McKelvey’s net worth, income, and bio in this article. He has also been the Chief Culture Officer of We Work. Miguel belongs to New York, United States. He built WeWork but currently, he is focussing on another company Nayah.

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth, Income, Wealth

Miguel McKelvey Biography, Wealth & Early Life

Miguel is the co-founder of WeWork and Nayah. He started his journey from a humble background. Miguel belongs to the United States. Miguel was born and brought up in New York. He started his journey from Version English. He spent 5 years there. As per the information, Miguel McKelvey listed his stunning Greenwich Village townhouse for $21 million a few years ago and the news went into the spotlight after he purchased the property a few years ago.

Now coming to his personal life, Miguel McKelvey married Hiyam McKelvey. She worked as an investment banker. The couple divorced in 2017. The reason behind the divorce has not been mentioned yet.

Name: Miguel McKelvey
Age: 48 years approx
Nationality: American
Education: University of Oregon
Profession: Business
Founder: We Work, Nayah
Hometown: New York, United States
University: University of Oregon

Miguel McKelvey Net Worth, Income

Miguel McKelvey has a net worth of $900 million. He earns majorly from his current company which ran successfully from last year. Miguel McKelvey earns around $900 million annually. He is known for his rich lifestyle and the wealth he has. Also, a few years back he went into the headlines after listing his townhouse for $21 million. He has a good social media presence and is known for building his brand as well. Miguel McKelvey is also invited for speeches at prestigious universities. He shares his opinions as well on those platforms. Miguel tries his best in every field. He never gives up.

Miguel McKelvy Success Story

Miguel McKelvy studied at South Eugene High School. He graduated from Colorado College in 1994. After that, he graduated from the University of Oregon. He got his first job at Versation English. Mckelvey joined Jordan Panass Digital Architecture as a project manager. He was the co-founder of Seven Planet. Miguel founded Green Desk LLC and worked there for Jul 2009. He founded We Work in Jul 2020 along with his co-founders Adam and Rebekah. He left in 2020. The Proto Collective was another company he founded. He worked there for 3 years. Miguel shifted to work as an Advisor in 2021. He is working with Known Holdings. He is the co-founder of Nayah which started in March 2022. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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