Social Media Crush Kylie Jenner Pregnant? Reality Exposed Find Out Pics Daughter & Husband Name

Social media influencer Kylie Jenner again in trend due to a rumor which may be truth or lie. On Sunday, Feb 28, 2021, Kylie Jenner shared her picture, and same as every time picture went viral among her followers. The question arises in everyone’s mind that, is Kylie Jenner Pregnant? This is not the first time that Kylie has been involved with some strange internet rumors But this time she looked different than before and that’s why all the fans started assuming that She is pregnant again. Let find out! Is it a reality?

Kylie Jenner is a much famous American Social media influencer. Even she is the first youngest billionaire girl across the globe. She also has a daughter Stormi. Kylie blessed with her daughter years ago and living a happy life with her cute family. The rumor got shaped when it was spread by millions of her fans.


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Kylie Jenner Reply On her Pregnancy News

To clarify the news we started to research and on the basis of some information. We found that she is not pregnant and it was just a rumor, not anything else. Earlier at the time of her first child, Kylie confirmed the news about her pregnancy that she going to welcome her first child.


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Is Kylie Jenner Pregnant?

Kylie Jenner said on the rumor and clear all the misconceptions regarding this news. She clarified that the rumor spread because of her figure & current body shape. She admitted it was hard to see her body in the mirror but accept it for what it is. Recently, she gave insight into the food she craved the most while she was pregnant. In one of her Instagram stories Kylie said,  “Fun fact, Craig’s in L.A. has the best bread of all time, specifically this one,” while showing off the bread made by Craig’s. “This is what I craved my whole labor, and it’s the first thing I had right after I gave birth to Stormi,” she added. Besides this so far, kylie Jenner not yet reveal any special sign that, is she planning to have another child this year or later.

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