Petrol Price In India: Check Today (28th February, 2021) Petrol Rate in Delhi


Today Petrol Price in India: The fuel price in India is continuously reaching a new high with every upcoming day. It is one of the most trending news all over the nation which is searched millions of times in a single day. Currently, the petrol rate is Rs 90/litre in Delhi and if we talk about the price in India, So here is a complete list of Petrol Prices in India. You can check the Petrol/Diesel rate of various cities of India. Along with it, here are some FAQ questions about the reason behind the rise of petrol price. Check What is today Petrol Price In India?petrol price

Petrol Price Today in India

CitiesToday Petrol PriceYester Petrol Price
New Delhi₹ 90.93₹ 90.93
Mumbai₹ 97.34₹ 97.34
Kolkata₹ 91.12₹ 91.12
Chennai₹ 92.90₹ 92.90
Noida₹ 89.19₹ 89.12
Gurgaon₹ 88.59₹ 88.64
Bangalore₹ 93.98₹ 93.98
Bhubaneshwar₹ 91.66₹ 91.95
Hyderabad₹ 94.54₹ 94.54
Chandigarh₹ 87.50₹ 87.50
Lucknow₹ 89.04₹ 89.13
Jaipur₹ 97.33₹ 97.13
Patna₹ 93.25₹ 93.25
Trivandrum₹ 92.81₹ 92.56

As we know, in the last preceding year petrol price continuously increasing and if we talk about the price so in 2015 the price was Rs 67/litre in Delhi. After the year 2015, in upcoming years petrol stands on Rs 64 in 2016, Rs 66 in 2017, and Rs 79 in 2018. So that is the stat of previous years.

Petrol Pump Brands In India

There is a total of six petrol pumps brand which is currently active in India. These are the several petrol pump brands that supply Petrol/Diesel all over the nation. So let’s have a look at the brands that are the huge market capture of the petroleum industry in India.

  1. Indian Oil Corporation
  2. Hindustan Petroleum
  3. Bharat Petroleum
  4. Shell
  5. Reliance Petroleum
  6. Essar Oil

Why Petrol Price Rise in India?

Daily petrol prices are rapidly increasing by few paise. The price fluctuates due to the change in the price of Crude Oil in the international market. As you already know, crude oil is the main basic thing to generate fuel for our daily use. Crude Oil is the main source of Petrol and Diesel, that’s why the Price of Crude Oil become a fluctuation in the Fuel rate in India as well as other countries. Now the question is arises that why the Crude Oil rate fluctuates. So, we want to tell you that the rate fluctuates on the basis of demand and supply. Which was the first thumb rule of economics. Higher demand & lower supply increases the price but on the other side, the Higher Supply & Lower Demand decreases the price.

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