Who is Amy Mek? USA Journalist Slams Mohammed Zubair Alt News’s Founder

Amy Mek is the founder and journalist of Rair Foundation USA. The news spread all over the internet because of her controversial tweet. Now everyone is excited to know who is USA Journalist Amy Mek Slammed Alt News founder Mohammed Zubair. This article will provide all the details provided to the public by Mek. Here is Amy Mek biography, career, education and much more. There are many secrets that she shared about him. She is now getting attention around the world. The news is gaining popularity because of a tweet by RAIR journalist Amy Mek. Here is the complete information that you should read.

Who is Amy Mek? USA Journalist Slams Mohammed Zubair Alt News's Founder

Amy Mek Journalist Biography RAIR Founder USA

Amy Mek is known as the founder of the RAIR Foundation. It is founded in New York, United States. It was started in Jan 2017. Amy Mek has spoken against many wrong practices. currently, she has warned her followers in India about the wrong practices done by Alt News. Mek has said that his followers are misguided and provoked to bully other people and harass them.

RAIR founder, Mek has mentioned that Alt News is spreading fake news. They are taking advantage of many people in the country. Alt News is started and run by Mohammed Zubair. She spread this news on X which was formerly known as Twitter. She also mentioned the incidents that happened with Nupur Sharma. According to Amy, Zubair is the one who threatened Nupur.

Name: Amy Mek
Age: 28 years (approx)
Born: N/A
Profession: Journalist
Known For: American Journalist (Founder of RAIR USA)
Birth Place: USA
Husband: N/A
Relationship: N/A
Education: Graduate or Higher
Net Worth: $10 million – $30 million (approx)
Nationality: American

What Amy Mek is Claiming about Alt News Founder Mohammed Zubair?

Mohammad edited the clip of Nupur and posted it on the site. This was done to target her in the wrong way. She was trapped in the name of religion. He trimmed the clip in such a way that shows her speaking about the Muslim religion. He did not show the other side where something wrong was said about Shivling. If anyone sees that edited video, it will feel like only she is responsible and said wrong. While the controversy was going on, the small newspapers supported Nupur. She also tried to contact him and said that he should check the whole video. He rephrased his tweet after that. But the consequences were already visible. She was being threatened to be raped or killed.

Amy Mek has been known for her courageous personality. She has founded the RAIR Foundation. She has recently spoken about Alt News. How do they misguide people? She has also spoken and warned the Indian people about how he targets many people. She shared the case of Nupur Sharma. Alt News spread the wrong news about Nupur Sharma by sharing her edited clip. This was the ALt News controversy. Stay tuned for more content.

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