Who is Bill? 70-Year-Old Man Earned ₹26 Lakhs From Uber Ride Cancellation, Everything Here

A 70-year-old retired man is in the headlines for making money upon ride cancellation in Uber. The man belongs to North Carolina, USA. We often see it as a frustrating thing when our ride gets canceled. While someone can even enjoy and earn from the cancellations. The man said that he works in Uber not for money but just for getting out of his house. He has received a good amount of money after canceling 30% of the rides.

70-Year-Old Man Earned 26 Lakhs From Uber Ride Cancellation, Read Full Story Here

A 70-Year-Old Man ‘Bill’ Earning From Uber Ride Cancellation

You must have heard people making money by working in Uber and accepting rides. Have you heard of anyone canceling the rides to earn money? He is a 70-year-old man from North Carolina, USA. He has earned around $28,000 (₹26 Lakhs) in the last year from 1500 trips. It is usually said that the Uber driver who is canceling more than 10% of rides can lose their account. He is completely fearless in this case. He believes that he is working because he enjoys it. The man is named Bill. Let us explore below how he earns from cancellation.

How Bill Earns Money From UBER Ride Cancellation?

Bill does smart work. He calculates the petrol price to reach a particular destination first. Bill does not go if the ride is not profitable. The US IRS rate of standard mileage is $0.65 per mile. The first thing he does is take rides, offering more than $0.65 per mile. This way is always profitable. He earns his basics on every ride and the extra as a profit.

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The second thing is he never takes one way ride. For example, a man is booking a ride to a remote location. He will cancel the ride because it will pay for one way only. He has to come back for free. Bill calculates whether the drop location will give him another ride or not.

The third thing is he prefers standing at locations that are highly in demand, like bus stands, stations, airports, clubs, and party areas. Weekends are the time for everyone to party and enjoy. He spends Friday and Saturday outside party places from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Bill has made his calculations that the taxi fare increases as the plane lands at the airport. He takes rides that are the most profitable for him. He has accepted a few rides but made a revenue of $28,000. It is quite a good idea to earn and travel after your retirement.

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