Who is Professor Arnold Dix? Wiki, Career, Charged Under Uttarkashi Tunnel Rescue Operation

Professor Arnold Dix is known for his specialty in tunnel safety. The Uttarkashi tunnel incident happened on 12 November 2023 and trapped 41 workers inside. The incident happened at Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand. Everyone is curious to know more about Professor Arnold Dix after his several successful tunnel rescues. He has taken up several projects throughout his life and has saved many people from disasters. After the incident, Arnold also stated that there is more need to take care of the safety measures. The trapped men’s difficulty cannot be imagined with little food and water there to survive.

Who is Professor Arnold Dix? Wiki, Charged Under Uttarkashi Tunnel Crash

Professor Arnold Dix Wiki, Career, Charged Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse Rescue Operation

Professor Arnold Dix is a globally recognized tunnel rescue expert. He has worked on several rescue operations successfully. Dix has been awarded with Alan Neyland Australian Tunnelin Society Bi-annual Award in tunnel fire safety. Dix majors in tunnel fire safety. He received the Committee Service Award in the previous year. There are also discussions going on to take help from the Boring company of Elon Musk. This will speed up the rescue of the 41 workers. The work is going with the initial approach of providing food and water to the workers trapped inside. Stay tuned for more information.

The incident of Tunnel collapse took place on 12 November when 41 workers were working inside the tunnel. Lack of care and safety measures is the major reason behind the collapse. The rescue mission is being taken up by Professor Arnold Dix. He is known for his global recognition in tunnel safety and rescue. Dix and his team are currently working on rescuing the trapped workers using different measures. Micro tunneling is being implemented to reach the workers. They are waiting inside the tunnel for a rescue with only limited food and water.

The rescue mission has been going on since the incident. The government has mentioned that the estimated time to reach the workers can be up to 2 and a half days or more. The lead of the rescue mission has his full expertise to check out the circumstances going inside the tunnel. The first step to rescue is digging a vertical shaft for the workers from the top of the hill to down the tunnel. Micro tunneling is being done through The Tehri Hydroelectric Development Corporation. The vertical shaft will be used to provide food to the workers inside the tunnel.

Arnold Dix Belongs to Which Country?

As per the official details, Arnold Dix belongs to Australia. He is a well-educated with an impressive educational background. Recently, his name appeared because of the charges under the Uttarkashi tunnel collapse case. There are many things happening in this whole incident and the government finding the right accused behind this massive tunnel collapse where 41 workers suffered for many days.

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