10 Best FASTag Companies In India 2024 List After RBI action on Paytm

Paytm FASTags is in the headlines after the RBI bars on Paytm including its FASTag services. The company is going through a lot of hardships at the time. Many people use their FASTag services. However, we will share the 10 Best FASTag companies In India 2024 below. FASTags help the four-wheeler passengers to continue their journey straight away without stopping at the toll. The amount gets deducted from the services automatically on the passage through scanning.

10 Best FASTag Companies In India

Paytm Payment Banks was the most loved FASTag provider for the customers with the majority of usage for toll collection. However, the RBI barred Paytm Payment Bank on 29 February 2024. Following are other options available.

  1. ICICI Bank: After Paytm Payment Bank, ICICI Bank is the second most popular FASTag provider. People prefer using this FASTag the most after Paytm Payment Bank. 
  2. HDFC Bank: HDFC Bank FASTag is the third most popular FASTag used by the people. You can register for it easily by following some steps on their official website.
  3. Axis Bank: Many people prefer using Axis Bank FASTags while others also hate it the most. It gets a mixed response from its users.
  4. State Bank of India: SBI FASTag is also a loved one. The polling data states that the SBI Bank FASTage is the fifth most used FASTag.
  5. Equitas Small Finance Bank: Equitas Small Finance Bank creates its place as a FASTag toll provider in the market with its good service to the people. 
  6. Kotak Mahindra Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank FASTag also has people who love using it. It has an easy registration process for new users attracting a lot of new users. 
  7. Punjab National Bank: PNB FASTag is a good alternative for people but the preference for the PNB FASTag is a little less used than the other FASTags.
  8. Federal Bank: Federal Bank is also considered among the top FASTag providers. Many people prefer using their service while crossing the toll. 
  9. IndusInd Bank: The bank takes one one-time fee of Rs. 100 including GST. It also receives a decent rating and is categorized under top FASTag providers.
  10. Others: There are several other sources for the FASTag including Union Bank, Yes Bank, Fino Payments Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Saraswat Bank, Syndicate Bank South Indian Bank, Punjab & Maharashtra Co-Op Bank.

We hope you get enough details about the 10 Best FASTag companies In India 2024 above. Keep reading for more information on our website.

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