Who is 13 Years Old Teenage Gamer? Becomes the First Human To Beat Tetris

A 13-year-old teenage gamer breaks the record by beating the Tetris game. He has become the first player to beat Tetris. It is a block game. We all have played it once in our life. The game has simple blocks falling in different patterns. The gamer needs to manage them quickly. However, no one ever won the game. The guy belongs to Oklahoma. Everyone is curious to know more about the game and the incident. Let us explore more about this new world record.

13 Years Old Oklahoma Player Becomes The First Human To Beat Tetris

13 Years Old Oklahoma Player Becomes The First Human To Beat Tetris

13-year-old Oklahoma is the player who has beat Tetris. It is a block game. The mission of the game is to reach a Kill Screen. The guy who breaks the record is Willis Gibson. His online name is Blue Scuti. The pictures and videos from his stream went viral as he made the record for becoming the first human to beat Tetris. He was on the 157 Level. There was a critical moment at that time. Willis was continuing for the past 40 minutes. He missed a block once. Willis thought that it was gone. However, he manages to recover it. As the block reached down, Willis prayed and said, Please Crash.

It was the moment when he realized that he made it. His scores were showing 999999. It was a victory. On his historic win, he receives a lot of attention. Vince Clemente, who is the president of the Classic Tetris World Championship, confirms him to be the first individual to do so. After the interview, Willis shared his struggle to reach the win. It was his goal for a long time. He had practiced it for hours and weeks to reach there. His family was going through a tough time at the moment as he lost his father recently. The win made his day. He pays tribute to his father through his historic win.

Before his victory, only AI-powered robots were able to reach the kill screen. It used to be impossible for a human being to do so. The game also has a Guinness Book World Record in its name. Different people tried different approaches to reach this point. Some did the multi-finger technique, and others combined some patterns. It is the most ported video game, with its availability on 65 platforms. It makes the game a Guinness World Record holder. We hope you get enough details about the Tetris game’s new record above.

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