2024 Elections Impact On Stock Market, Can Nifty Hit Rs 25,000?

Jefferies Sees has mentioned that the Indian Share market can witness a 25% fall if the Modi government loses the 2024 elections. Will the 2024 elections impact on Stock Market? Morgan Stanley has also passed a similar statement mentioning that the Indian stock market can crash up to 30% after the elections. Several Indian personalities also comment on such statements. Modi government has a massive role in India’s growth over the last decade. Let us have details about the election of 2024 effect on the stock market.

Elections Impact On Stock Market

Pre-Election Rally Begins in Nifty Know 2024 Elections Impact On Stock Market

The predictions say that the Indian economy and stock market depend substantially on the upcoming elections. The loss of BJP can lead to a 25% to 30% fall in the stock market. The main reason behind the fall is said to be the investor’s interest. Foreign Institutional Investors FII and Retail investors constitute a considerable part of the Indian Stock market. FII would prefer to withdraw the money, leading to a fall. BJP government is a stable government for India. The loss of the BJP can lead to long-term fiscal and monetary effects on the country.

India has grown massively under Modi’s rule. BJP has contributed to making taxation simpler. The launch of GST has increased the number of taxpayers. The GST collection increases every year, relieving the middle class from high taxes. Apart from that, digitalization has also reduced black money. People have ease in the transactions. The rural people get direct support from the government through JAM. The money gets transferred directly into the bank account of the people.

Congress won the recent 2023 Indian State Legislative Assembly Elections. The matter looked strong and in favor of Congress in South India. However, the South constitutes less than half of the seats in the elections. To overcome the BJP, congress needs to have a strong grip in North and mid-India as well. The party seems to be weaker in states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.

BJP has a strong base in the Hindi-speaking public. The perception of the public will decide the future of the stock market. If there are a lot of people believing the fall of the market, it will probably fall. The Congress loss can lead to other new emerging parties getting more seats and recognition. However, the Modi government looks to have been dominating at the moment. We hope you get enough details about the election 2024 effects on the Stock Market.

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