7th Pay Commission 2024: Likely 4% DA hike for Central Govt Employees

Government employees will now get 4% more DA from March after 7th Pay Commission 2024, which will take the DA percentage from 42% to 46%. This hike will apply from March 2024. Being compulsory for all the central levels positions, every central-level government employee and pensioner will get its benefit. Apart from that, the state level government can also apply this. However, it is not mandatory for them. Let us look below for more details of the DA hike for government employees.

7th Pay Commission 2024

Central Government Employees Will get a 4% Hike in the DA From March after 7th Pay Commission 2024

Central Government Employees will get a 4% hike in the DA (dearness allowances) after 7th Pay Commission 2024. Every government employee is happy with the increase in the DA. It will lead to around Crores of extra expense for the government. The government calculates the increase in DA according to the 12-month average of the All India Consumer Price Index. Government job is often a desire of every employee as it provides security to them. While the central-level jobs are even more highly valuable in Indian societies, especially in the north.

The government has made it necessary for the central level employees. However, states like West Bengal took the step to follow the same in the state as well. Thus, all the West Bengal state government employees will get the same hike of 4% in DA. West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee takes the step towards providing the increase in DA to 14 Lakhs government employees working in different fields, whether teaching or nonteaching at all schools, colleges, and universities and also to employees of all statutory undertakings and parastatals and pensioners.

The government will have to beer around ₹2,400 Crores of additional expense for the same through the West Bengal’s state budget. Mamata Banerjee says the hike is applicable from 1 January 2024. We will share more details about Government employee’s DA updates as we get to know.

Usually, the government announces the allowance revision on either the 1st Jan or the 1st of July. However, this is an unexpected step for the benefit of all government working officials. Apart from the state government employees, 48.67 Lakhs central government employees will be getting the benefit of the increase in different fields. While, the retired central government employees’ pension will have the same hike, benefiting around 67.95 Lakhs pensioners. The planning for the increase has been going on since October 2023. We hope you get enough details about the government employees’ DA hike in 7th Pay Commission 2024 above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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