Aadhaar Data Breach 2023: 81.5 Crores Indian Info Leaked on Dark Web

Do you know about the Aadhaar Data Breach 2023, around 81.5 crores of Indian data is at risk. A hacker has claimed to have data of 81.5 crores of India’s Aadhar cards and passports, phone numbers, and addresses. The news has gone viral. There is a lot of discussion going on about the cybersecurity structure of the country. The information is leaked from a medical institute. The data was leaked from the ICMR database. The efforts are being made by the organizations to control the data released on the dark web.

Aadhaar Data Breach 2023: 81.5 Crores Indian Info Leaked on Dark Web

Aadhaar Data Breach: 81.5 Crores Indians Data Leaked From ICMR

The news is going viral as millions of Indians’ personal information gets released on the dark web. Around 81.5 Crores of Indian data was hacked by pwn001. The hacker has put all the information on the dark web. It is difficult to find the real suspect as the dark web often keeps the identity anonymous. ICMR has been alerted about the incident. There are a lot of centers containing the information, making the leak point identification challenging. The data collected during covid 19 is now in the wrong hands. It is not happening for the first time. AIMS also went through the same breach.

The data of all the patients were leaked. The hospital shifted to manual recording for 15 days to get things in control. The AIMS Delhi got 1TB of data stolen during the cyber theft. The hackers behind the theft sold the data to Chinese institutions. They agreed to delete the data for 200 crores of cryptocurrency. It was the number one data breach to operate at such a level.

What ICMR Said on this Aadhaar Data Breach?

ICMR has not updated anything about the same yet. The information is still pending. There is a lot more to be revealed yet. The organizations are trying hard to find out the leak point. There is still a need for a powerful cyber security system in the country. The government needs to invest more and more money in cybersecurity growth. We will update you as soon as we get details about the new updates. There are also several ways taught for the safety of the citizens. The data shares that 100,000 files were found with Indian citizens’ personal data. The data can be misused. It can be sold out to the wrong hands. It is important to understand the safety concerns of the citizens now. There are almost the majority of Indians getting vaccinated, and sharing the details with the medical institutes is at risk. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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