Ahad Khan Biography ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ Singer Wiki Age Career Success Story

Ahad Khan is one of the best singers of his time. He is a part of the AUR trio. His music is a perfect fit for today’s generation. Here is the Ahad Khan biography including everything about his life and story. Tu Hai Kahan and No Way To Nowhere are currently hitting the top trending music of Ahad Khan. He is doing well with both his videos and the singing. Fans love his songs and enjoy the beats. Ahad writes in Hindi. He follows a little rap style along with the music. His recent video has lakhs of views in the last few days. We will share details about Ahad Khan’s net worth, songs, age, and career in this article.

Ahad khan 'Tu Hai Kahan' Singer Wiki Age Career Success Story

Ahad Khan Biography Singer of ‘Tu Hai Kahan’ Song

Ahad Khan is a singer from Pakistan. He is part of the AUR trio. The singer and the lyricist can express their story in their music. He has released three of his songs, Hadsey, Lahore Brand, and Tu Hai Khan. He had a harsh past and a traumatic childhood. Ahad was struggling hard in his field to become a musician. He has mentioned all his stories in his songs.

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Ahad Khan Wiki Bio:

Name: Ahad Khan
Age: 21 approx.
Nationality: Pakistani
Howtown: Karachi
Profession: Singer and lyricist
Religion: Islam
Language: Hindi, Urdu

Ahad Khan Age

Ahad Khan is currently approximately 21 years old. He has been working in the music industry for the last 7-8 years. His initial struggle days had the best teacher of his life.

Ahad Khan Career, Success Story

Ahad Khan starts his journey from his hometown in Pakistan. He suffered from anxiety in his childhood. Ahad started working on his life and self-improvement. He decided to change his life. Ahad has gone for recording without telling his parents. His relatives also used to criticize him for his singing. The production houses used to say he and his music were boring. His songs were not appreciated.

Ahad never gave up. He tries hard for himself. Ahad has proved his talent to everyone. Ahad collaborated with Osama Ali to join AUR Music. He has understood the importance of every little chance he had in his life. It is a major reason for his success. Let us have a look at some of his famous songs below.

Ahad Khan Songs

Ahad Khan is a part of the Aur trio. His recent song with the trio is going viral. The songs by Ahad Khan are:

  1. No Way to Nowhere
  2. Hadsey
  3. Tu Hai Kahan
  4. Lahore Brand

Social Media And Instagram

Ahad Khan is on Instagram by the username @ahadkhaan._. You can follow him on his Instagram account for more updates. He has 8.4k followers on his account. Stay tuned for more information.

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