Alok Industries Q3 Results 2024 Fiscal Period: Earnings, Net Profit, Sales Report

Alok Industries is preparing for the release of its Q3 2024 results. Everyone is keen on knowing more about the company’s last quarter performance. Alok Industries made a loss in the previous year. Its Q3 2023 results led to an increase in the net loss for the company. Apart from that, Q2 2024 showed some recovery. However, it’s still a net loss for the quarter. The shares are performing well. It follows an upward trend on the graph. Let us look at the Alok Industries Q3 results 2024 updates below.

Alok Industries Q3 Results 2024

Alok Industries Q3 Results 2024 Earnings, Net Profit, Sales Report:

Alok Industries has made a net loss for the quarter 3 2023. Alok Industries Q3 results 2024 will be announced shortly in a few days. The amount of loss increased compared to Q3 2022. Alok Industries results in a total revenue of Rs. 1.71 TCr. It is a fall of 19.91% on a YoY basis. Apart from that, Alok Industries’ expenses are also increasing. The company had a fall in net income that almost doubled on a YoY basis. Alok Industries net loss is Rs. 249.83 Crores. EPS is also on a downfall to -0.5. The operating income falls by 219.9%. It is 132.97 Crores of net operating income loss.

Alok Industries Q2 2024 results improved in comparison to Q3 2023. It is still a net loss. The company had a net loss of Rs. 174.83 crores. It is an improvement from the previous quarters. It is an 8.7% YoY growth in profits. The revenue is still maintaining the same pace and falling 19.99% YoY. The operating net profit margin is also at a fall of 14.11%. Let us have a look at Alok Industries’ share performance in the market.

Alok Industries Limited is currently at Rs. 27.85 per share. It had a growth of 76.27% in a year. The six-month growth was around 67.77%. The last month had a growth of 38.21%. The previous five days show a jump from Rs. 21 to Rs. 28. The market cap of Alok Industries is Rs. 13.85 TCr. Its all-time low in 52 weeks is Rs. 10.10, with an all-time high of Rs. 29.10. The market expects growth in the share price this month. It has taken a jump at the beginning of the new year. The company can release its Q3 2024 results around Jan end or Feb beginning. Different sites are claiming different dates. However, there is no official announcement from Alok Industries.

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