Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme: ₹41,000 crore Spend with New 554 Railway Stations In India

PM Modi will be working on the Amrit Bharat Stations scheme. Under this, there will be around ₹41,000 crore spent on the Indian Railways and roadways development. PM Modi has taken the step to make India more developed with the latest infrastructure on the stations. As we know, railways and roadways play an important role in transportation. Thus taking this initiative will help in reducing the commute time. Let us have more details about the project below.

Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme

PM Modi Will Spend ₹41,000 Cr under Amrit Bharat Stations Scheme On Indian Railways & Infrastructure

PM Modi is working on The Amrit Bharat Stations where PM Modi inaugurates 554 railway stations through video call. Apart from that, there will be 1,500 overpasses and underpasses. The government is looking to make the country more progressive. The project will continue in 27 states and UT and the government will also spend ₹19,000 crores on the redevelopment. This initiative will make the travel experience more comfortable.

The stations will have several other facilities like waiting rooms, lifts, escalators, and more. There will also be a roof plaza to connect the city from one end to another end. India is moving towards growth and development. It is also a high chance to invest in the market related to the infrastructure and construction companies. The railway’s station work is going on in 27 states and UT. While the passes and under-passes work is going on in 24 states and UTs.

Indian Railways plays a crucial role in the development of the country. It transports billions of people and thousands of MT of freight. This scheme is in 100% active mode. Different states are getting overpasses and underpasses which will save time the people spend traveling as the railway stoppage often consumes a lot of time. While the flyovers will help in reducing the traffic.

There will be 24 states and UT where the road work will continue. People prefer these developments in their areas. However, the construction work often leads to road blockage which affects their travel routes on a temporary basis. Recently PM Modi inaugurated a bridge to shorten the time taken to travel in Mumbai from one place to another. Other projects like Jammu’s highest railway bridge and Assam flyovers are also going well. We will share details about further upcoming projects by the government shortly. We hope you get enough details about PM Modi’s new Amrit Bharat Station Scheme above. Stay tuned for more information on Business Patrika.

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