Anand Ranganathan Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Books, Education, Success Story

Anand Ranganathan is a prominent scientist. He is known for his book, The Rat Eater. Anand has been honored with several awards, like the Young Scientist Medal from UDCT, India. Apart from that, he was also honored with the title of Young Scientist Medal from the Indian National Science Academy. Anand has recently criticized the Muslim communities of India that have not taken any stand upon the destruction of 1714 mosques in China. The people are living in concentration camps there. He then called them a hypocrite.

Anand Ranganathan Net Worth, Wiki, Wife, Books, Education, Success Story

Who Is Anand Ranganathan?

Anand Ranganathan is an Indian Scientist. He has a medical background and contributes to protecting humans from emerging harmful diseases. He was born to Darshan Ranganathan and Subramania Ranganathan. His mother was a Chemistry teacher at Miranda College, Delhi along with being an Organic Chemist. His father was a teacher and head of Chemistry at IIT Kanpur. He was also a Bioorganic chemist. They both had a great impact on the life of Anand. He shifted to the field of science after being influenced by his parents. He wanted to explore more about the human body as well. Let us have information about Aand Ranganathan’s wiki below.

Anand Ranganathan Wiki Bio:

Name: Anand Ranganathan
Age: 51 years
Birth year: 1972
Profession: Scientist
Nationality: Indian
Langauge: English and Hindi
Parents: Darshan Ranganathan and Subramania Ranganathan
Wife: Sheetal Ranganathan

Anand Ranganathan’s Net Worth

Anand Ranganathan’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million approx. He has been passionate about the human body since the beginning. Anand discovers vaccines related to TB and Malaria. He might have some investments as well as a source of his income.

Anand Ranganathan Wife And Books

Anand has written books like The Land Of The Wilted Rose in 2011, Love And Honour in 2015, The Rat Eater in 2019, and Souffle in 2023. He is married to Sheetal. She is also a Global Health Communist.

Anand Ranganathan Education, Success Story And Career

Anand Ranganathan started his journey as a scientist. He joined a lab and worked as a Staff Research Scientist and studied several topics. Anand has worked for 16 years in the lab. He was promoted to professor at Jawahar Lal Nehru College. Later, he published several journals where he described different diseases and their nature of communication. He worked on creating better treatments and vaccinations for protection from malaria and TB. These are big problems in today’s society. TB often leads to a lot of suffering for both the diseased and their family. Anand works hard to put all his efforts into the medical development of the country. We will update more details about Anand shortly. Stay tuned for more information.

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