Who was Angela Chao? Biography, Age, Net Worth, Formost Group CEO Car Accident

Angela Chao, CEO of Foremost Group, passed away on 10 February 2024 due to a severe car accident. Her death left everyone in shock. Her family is mourning the loss of their loved one. We will share details about Angela Chao’s Wiki bio, net worth, success story, and car accident below. She was prominent in the field of business and philanthropy. Leading her father’s shipping company for many years, she left the world at the age of 50 years. Let us have more information about Angela Chao’s death cause and wiki-bio below.

Angela Chao

Angela Chao Biography, Age, Net Worth, Death in Car Accident

Angela Chao was a well-known businesswoman. She was a successful businesswoman and the CEO of Foremost Group, a shipping company. Angela was born in 1973 in the United States. She was born with five other siblings. Being the sixth child and the youngest in her family, she got immense love from family members. Angela was born and brought up in America as an American by nationality. But her parents were originally from Taiwan.

Angela Chao was a Harvard Alumni. Completing her graduation in Bachelors in Economics, she further pursued an MBA from Harvard Business School. Angela got her first job in her father’s company as a Senior Vice President. She has been looking up to her father’s business since her childhood learning a lot of new things from his side. Along with looking at her father’s business, attending business school gave much exposure to her to handle her father’s business confidently.

She became the Deputy Chairman of the company and later held on to chairman and CEO of Foremost Group in 2018. Angela also worked as an independent director of the Bank of China for six years starting from Jun 2016 to Nov 2022.

Angela had a net worth of $1.4 Billion. She was said to be one of the best in her field. Angela was earning a majority of her wealth from her business. She builds it successfully under her father’s guidance and independently as well. Angela might have other investments as well that are not yet public. Her husband was also among the 400 rich people in the world. Her shipping business has gone global reaching several parts of the world.

Angela recently passed away in an accident on 10 February 2024. Her car met a severe crash from which she was not able to survive. She left the world at the age of 50 years. Her family including her husband, Jim are mourning her loss. However, they have not revealed much about her death yet. We will provide more updates shortly.

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