Anne-Marie Rowland Biography, Age, Career, Capco CEO Net Worth

Anne-Marie Rowland will be the CEO of Capco from now on. Wipro recently announced a new CEO for its subsidiary company, Capco. Anne-Marie Rowland is one of the most successful women in the company. She worked for 14 years with Capco before turning as CEO. We will share details about Anne-Marie Rowland’s new position and her success story below. She is also a member of Wipro’s Executive Committee (WEC). Let us explore more about Anne-Marie Rowland’s journey below.

Anne-Marie Rowland

Who Is Anne-Marie Rowland?

Wipro announces Anne-Marie Rowland as the new CEO of its subsidiary, Capco. She is also known as Annie Rowland. She belongs to Ireland and has been working actively with the company for 14 years. Anne-Marie Rowland completes her education at Dublin City University with a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia. As she had an incline towards music, she took a diploma in Music Performance from the Royal Irish Academy. Anne completed her post-graduation degree from Dublin City University. Apart from that, she pursued a Masters of International Business from University College Dublin.

Anne-Marie first worked as a Management Consultant at Accenture. She joined Capco in August 2010 as a Managing Partner. Anne-Marie gets the position of Capco CEO in March 2024. She has worked on her goals day and night. It is not easy for anyone to reach such a level in life. After taking on her responsibilities, she never looked back. Anne-Marie Rowland is a self-sufficient and independent human being. She loves herself a lot.

Anne-Marie Rowland will handle her responsibility from 1 April 2024 as Capco CEO. She will report to the Wipro CEO regularly about the company’s performance. Anne will complete all her formalities before stepping to her next position. Annie handled management, innovation, and other departments in the company during her tenure. Everyone wishes her luck in her new role. Apart from that, Anne herself expressed her gratitude for the role.

Anne-Marie belongs to Ireland but is ready to work in a different country as well. Everyone is eager to know more about her net worth. Anne-Marie has a net worth of Euro 5.4 million. She has some property investments as well. It gave her good returns contributing to her income. Apart from that, there are other sources of income like her job and expertise. However, we don’t know about her other income sources at the moment. We will shortly update you about it. Anne-Marie also has a cute little daughter. She lives happily with her family, securing her dreams.

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