Apple India Pays Rs 1 Lakh Compensation to Bengaluru Man, Know Why?

Bengaluru Man received Rs 1 Lakh compensation against damaged iPhone 13 from Apple India. Everyone is curious to know about what actually happened in this story and how the man claimed this compensation. The news went viral on the internet and people took this in a funny way. This incident happened recently with a man in Bengaluru, India who got a damaged iPhone 13 from the Apple India service center. Read the complete story below.

Apple India pays Rs 1 Lakh Compensation to Bengaluru Man Know Why?

Apple India Rs 1 Lakh Compensation to Bengaluru Man Against Damaged iPhone 13, Full Story Here!

30-year-old Awez Khan, resident of Frazer Town got Rs 1 Lakh compensation against his iPhone 13 from Apple India service center. The news went into the top stories when internet users found this incident interesting. Awez Khan bought iPhone 13 in October 2021 but a few months later, he started facing several issues with the battery and the speaker. So, he decided to contact with service centre in Indiranagar in August 2022.

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The issue found in his iPhone 13 was related to the battery and would be fixed. The service center called him to receive the device and told him that the issue was fixed. But Awez Khan noticed that the device still not performing well. The next time he tried to connect with the service center they told him that a glue-like substance was found on the device.

After trying many times and not getting a response from them, Awez decided to send legal notice in October 2022. But he still not got any reply for the same. Finally, Awez Khan filed a complaint with the local district consumer disputes redressal commission. The case went into the consumer court and he won against the Apple India service center. The court ordered him to pay compensation of Rs 79,900 with interest and an extra Rs 20,000. It is a clear victory for this man as a consumer. What do you think about this incident do let us know in the comment section. There are several other cases available on the Internet that you can read and everyone should be aware of consumer rights.

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