Apple’s New Office Running with Renewable Energy In Bengaluru

Apple’s iPhone has become the best-selling smartphone for 2023 beating Samsung who maintained the top position since 2010. On the growing demand for iPhones in the country, Apple’s New Office of 15-floor in Bengaluru getting attention among people. The office designs with many specialties, operating 100% on renewable energy. The company sets a new example in renewable energy designs, receiving the highest level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate. Here we will discuss more specialities of the new Apple office below.

Apple's New Office

Apple’s New Office Opens Its 15-Floor New Office In Bengaluru

Apple shows commitment towards India’s increasing market by opening a new 15-floor office in Bengaluru. With the iPhone becoming the best-selling smartphone in the world in 2023, the company is all set to expand further in the country. It has four offices in India’a Gurugram, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Around 3,000 employees contribute daily to Apple’s growth in India.

Apple’s new office has a parking space to park 700 cars. It has a house-up facility for 1,200 employees. Moreover, the office will have lab space, Caffe Macs, and a wellness place. It focuses on providing the best work environment to the employees. The better the environment they get, the better output they will create.

Apple’s new office is located in Bengaluru city center at Cubbon Road, Minsk Square. There are two stores as well in BKC and Saket. There are many companies currently laying off employees. However, Apple is focussing on its growth and expansion. It has evolved over the years gaining the trust of people. Apple gets the most word of mouth. People who carry iPhone associates it with their status and dignity. It leads to iPhone sales taking a jump every year, with the increasing spending capacity of consumers.

Apple is known to do the best in everything. The office is also among one of its best efforts. It gets the highest level LEED certificate. The designs include the beautiful use of wood, stone, and fabrics on the walls and floors. Apart from that, it runs 100% on renewable energy, taking care of its environmental responsibilities. Apple is winning its customer’s hearts every single day.

The new office’s images are going viral over the internet. People love the newly released images. More information will become public shortly. The inauguration of the office takes place on 17 January 2024, as per the sources. The company mentions that the city has crucial software engineers and other employees playing an important role in the company’s growth in India. We hope you get enough information about Apple’s new office above.

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