Aravind Sanka Net Worth, Biography, Education, Career, Rapido CEO Success Story

Aravind Sanka is an entrepreneur known for building the Rapido Bike Taxi Of India. He has changed the Taxi system in India by making it affordable. We will share details about Arvind Sanka’s net worth, success journey, biography, age, career, and education. Aravind has experience in several companies like Flipkart, The Karrier, and Tata Motors. Aravind wants his rides to be the safest for the women. He has shared his safety measures while hiring the drivers in his several interviews.

Aravind Sanka Rapido CEO

Rapido CEO Aravind Sanka Biography, Education, Age, and Early Life

Aravind Sanka was born and brought up in India. He completed his education from IIT, Bhubaneshwar, with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. Arvind was interested in sports like Volleyball and athletics. arvind become the captain of the team during his college time. He has also taken a certificate of proficiency from Mathematica. His career journey started after 2011. Let us have a look at the Wiki of Arvind Sanka.

Aravind Sanka Wiki Bio:

Name: Aravind Sanka
Age: 31 years approx
Profession: Entrepreneur
Known As: Co-founder of Rapido
Achievements: Forbes 40 Under 40
Langauge: English and Hindi
Nationality: Indian

Aravind Sanka Net Worth

Aravind Sanka has a net worth of $ 500k. He has been earning from his business majorly. Apart from that, he might have some investments in other small businesses. He receives around $ 200k approx as his income.

Career & Sucess Story

Aravind Sanka started his career with an internship at Tata Motors in May 2011. It was a three-month internship in Jamshedpur, India. He joined Flipkart in Bengaluru, India as a Management Trainee for ten months. Arvind got promoted to a Supply Chain Finance Business Partner where he worked for the next 1.7 years. He wanted to start his own company. Aravind worked on building The Karrier for a year.

Aravind finally got the idea to work on Rapido and started the company in November 2014 and left in Oct 2015. He starts by providing cheap rate rides. There were Rapido posters everywhere with the title Rs. 10 per ride. The idea has been working successfully for the last eight years. They are providing better rates for the bike taxis and making an affordable journey. He is currently working from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Rapido has a different system for their drivers as well. They are called the captain. all of them are given proper training to follow safety rules and drive slowly. Stay tuned for more information.

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