Assam Cabinet Approves Tourism Sector Development Bill 2024

Assam Cabinet approves a new bill for the tourism sector’s development on Wednesday. The state has beautiful lush greenery and mountains, attracting thousands of tourists every month. However, the state needs more attention to the tourism sector’s regulation from the government’s side. They took the initiative to promote tourism in the state. The state will have a new flyover in Guwahati as well. We will share more information about the new Assam Tourism Development and Registration Bill 2024 below.

Assam Cabinet Approves Tourism Sector Development Bill 2024

Assam Cabinet Approves New Assam Tourism Development and Registration Bill 2024

Assam Cabinet approves the new bill for tourism development in Assam. The state will inaugurate the construction of a new flyover in Guwahati on Thursday. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma will be laying the foundation on Thursday morning. It will boost the connectivity of the cities. Both local and outside travelers will require less time to travel across the cities. Dispur and Guwahati are the main cities of Assam. The state will have better roadways and infrastructure, leading to more visits in the state. Several people visit the state and share the beautiful view from the mountains of the state. However, the government’s support will make it even better.

The above-mentioned bill will be introduced in the upcoming session of the Assam Legislative Assembly. The introduction of the bill will also contribute to the state’s economic development. Tourism is a sector that improved several country’s economies. Thus, it will surely increase the output of the state which will lead to more employment opportunities and development. The tourism boost will lead to employment for people working in related fields such as transport services, buses, local taxis, tourist destination visits, guides, and street food.

Apart from that Jayanta Malla Baruah also mentions that the Vidhan Sabha budget session will implement this act. It will lead to the government regulating the tourism sector. They were earlier not able to do so because they did not have an act. The Missing Autonomous Council Amendment Bill 2024 also gets an approval. The updated version will have 40 elected members and 5 nominated members. Earlier, it was 36 elected members and 4 nominated members.

The flyover construction work will lay its foundation this morning. The budget for the construction of the flyover was Rs. 376.11 Crore. The cabinet meeting took place at Lok Sewa Bhawan in Dispur with Assam CM. We hope you get enough details about the upcoming Assam Tourism Development and Registration Bill 2024 above.

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