Bank of Baroda New Deposit Scheme with 7.15 percent Interest Rate

Bank of Baroda launches a new deposit scheme providing a good interest rate. It keeps bringing something for its customers daily. We will share details about the Bank of Baroda’s new scheme and its benefits below. This scheme is named the Bob Earth Green Term Deposit scheme. They understand their social environment and responsibility well. Thus, they decided to launch a scheme benefiting the environment and the people. Let us explore more about the Bob Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme benefits below.

Bank of Baroda New Deposit Scheme with 7.15 percent Interest Rate

Bank Of Baroda Launches A New Deposit Scheme Giving Interest Rate Of 7.15%

Bank Of Baroda’s new Bob Earth Green Term Deposit Scheme is providing 7.15% interest to the public. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about this scheme. Bank of Baroda provides the best services to their customers. Thus, this scheme will have different percentages of interest rates for customers with different tenures:

Tenure Of Deposit Annual Interest Rates
12 to 18 months 6.75%
777 days 7.15%
1,111 days 6.40%
1,717 days 6.40%
2,201 days 6.40%

The scheme guarantees good returns and stability. Thus, it is a good chance to invest the money in these schemes. The returns are also fixed and your money will have a positive utilization. The funds deposited will be put into the development of green energy like clean transportation, wind energy, and other renewable energy sources. The sector has had immense growth over the period. Everyone is curious to know more about the investment opportunities in this field. Thus, Bank of Baroda’s new deposit scheme will be the best choice for those who prefer to play safe.

The scheme will have other benefits as well. Any existing user or new user in the Bank of Baroda is eligible for the scheme. You just need to be a customer of Bank Of Baroda by opening an account in any branch of the bank. It was also the 116th Foundation Day of the Bank of Baroda. Thus, the Bank wants to make a good start to its 117th year in working by staying closer to its customers and environment.

The scheme will be applicable from now onwards. All the members of the bank are excited and looking forward to the economy’s growth. The MD & CEO of Bank Of Baroda also says that their step towards green energy will contribute to India’s development. We hope you get enough details about the Bank Of Baroda’s new deposit scheme above.

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