Bernard Looney Net Worth, Wealth, Biography Know His Car Collection & Success Story

British Petroleum removed Bernard Looney from his position of CEO. The process was quick without any notice. BP has mentioned that Bernard has been found guilty of misconduct. His salary and further bonuses are brought to a standstill. Bernard’s termination has shocked everyone. He is disheartened by the sudden termination. He won’t be getting any pension, remaining salary, or any monetary benefit from the company. The sources say that he is on the verge of a loss of 32 million pounds. We have discussed Bernard Looney’s net worth, biography, Wealth, car collection, and success story.

Bernard Looney

Who Is Bernard Looney? Biography, Age, Early Life of Former CEO of BP

BP terminated Bernard Looney from the position of CEO after a misconduct. He will lose several million pounds after the incident. Bernard belongs to London, England, United Kingdom. He worked for the company since the beginning of his career. Bernard has grown himself and the company together. He completed his education at University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Engineering- Honours in 1991. He started working after that.

Name: Bernard Looney
Age: 53 years old
Birth: 1970
Birthplace: County Kerry
Alma Mater: University College Dublin and Stanford University Business School
Education: Post Graduation
Profession: Former CEO of BP
Known As: CEO of BP
Spouse: Jacqueline Hurst
Nationality: Irish

Bernard Looney Net Worth, Wealth

Bernard Looney has a net worth of $40 million. His salary as a CEO was approx 9 million pounds. Bernard has recently faced a big loss due to misconduct. After his termination, the company pulled back $40 million from Bernard Looney.

Car Collection And Assets

Bernard rides simple cars. He is not seen with any sports cars. Bernard has several images promoting EVs as well. He has a luxury mansion in the town. The exact worth of the mansion is not known yet.

Bernard Looney Success Story, Career

Bernard Looney started his career with British Petroleum around 33 years ago. He was a Drilling Engineer in 1991. Bernard worked with the company for five years. He started getting high positions in the company with more office roles. In 2005, he decided to complete his studies further at Stanford University Business School. Bernard first got to the position of CEO in production in 2013. He finally got to the position of CEO in Feb 2020. It’s been 33 years since his journey with BP. His sudden termination made everything vanish in a few minutes. Read more success stories on our website with the latest business as well.

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