Best Ethanol Stocks to Buy Now In 2023, List Available Here

Ethanol is said to be one of the most used substances with different uses varying in their categories. It is one of the most rising industries in India due to fuel consumption. Here are the Best Ethanol Stocks to Buy Now. The government planning to increase the ethanol blending in the upcoming days. It is one of the most rising industry in India due to the fuel consumption. The government planning to increase the ethanol blending in the upcoming days. There are several industries like the chemical industry, and bio-fuel industry which is used as a by-product of sugar.

Ethanol Stocks

Ethanol Stocks To Buy Now In 2023

Shree Renuka Sugars: The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is said to be the largest supplier of sugars. They deal mainly in 3 categories, Sugar, Ethanol, and Power. They provide services to biofuel plant and is also used in petrol. 

Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar: The company deals in sugar on a large scale, due to which it is Asia’s number 1 producer of sugar. Tones of sugar is crushed in the mils of BHSL located in Uttar Pradesh.

EID Parry: The company deals in neutraceuticals and sugar. The main center is in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The stock is currently running at Rs. 471.65. 

Dhampur Sugar Mills: The company has its main production setup in Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi. It is also located in Uttar Pradesh as the area is rich in cane production. 

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited: It was founded in 1995 and is known for creating the finest sugar grains. 

Dalmia Bharat Industries: The company has a dividend yield of 0.89, p/c of 9.28, and a face value of 2. The company’s share price is Rs. 418.65. 

Globus Spirits: The company has a share value of Rs. 803.90 with a market cap of 3585 crores, a face value of 10, and a p/b ratio of 6.13. The company is operating from Rajasthan and Haryana mainly. 

Triveni Engg: The company has shown good results in gearboxes and water treatment. The shares are valued at Rs. 365.25 per share. 

Balrampur Chini Mills: It is dealing in sugar, ethanol, and power. The stock is valued at Rs. 404.60 with a market capital of Rs. 8519 crores, a p/b ratio of 2.94, a face value of 1, and a book value of Rs. 143.52. 

Praj Industries: The company has a stock value of Rs. 542.25 with a face value of 2, a book value of 58.68, and a market cap of rs. 10,508 crores and debt to equity is 0.04. 

These 10 stocks are considered the best-performing companies’ stocks and can produce high returns. However, do your own research before investing. Stay tuned for more information.

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