Bilkis Bano Rape Case Witness Asks For Death Penalty! But Why?

Bilkis Bano is in the headlines after the Gujarat Government released the 11 culprits involved in her gang rape. The Supreme Court recently ordered the victims to surrender within two weeks. The case has only one eyewitness who saw everything at that time. The boy was seven years old at that time. Bilkis Bano rape case witness has come forward demanding lifetime imprisonment or death sentence for all the criminals. We will share details about Bilkis Bano’s witness and what he said here in the article. The 11 convicts gang raped her at the time she was five months pregnant.

Bilkis Bano Rape Case

Bilkis Bano Rape Case Eye Witness Explains the Exact Situation of the Incident: Asks For Death Penalty!

Bilkis Bano rape case has only one witness of the incident. He was a seven years old boy at that time. He mentions that he was among the 17 people group escaping to save themselves. The group has a majority of women. They were running into a forest from Randhikpur, Limkheda, and Dahod. A social activist sheltered them. The boy mentions that the mob attacks his mother, Bilkis Bano, and his elder sister. The incident took place on 3 March. They killed 14 people from that 17-person group. There was only he and Bilkis who survived. The victims who were murdered include an infant. They gang-raped Bilkis Bano and other women. She was 21 years old and five months pregnant. They didn’t even care that she was pregnant.

Bilkis Bano rape case eye witness is currently 28 years old. He is married and has a son. His current residence is in Ahmedabad. Everything took place in front of him. The mob plans to kill everyone. However, they survive after the mob thinks of them as dead. The incident haunts him today as well. He has demanded the lifetime imprisonment of the victims. He said that the day haunts him today as well. A seven-year-old boy is too young to overcome such a terrible incident.

Bilkis Bano rape case eye witness is willing to fight for his rights now. Many people are protesting for Justice for Bilkis Bano. The streets are covering such people at rallies. It all began when the victims were released. The 11 victims will have to return on the orders of the Supreme Court. The suspects should get lifetime imprisonment. We will share more details about the incident as the case proceeds further. If they don’t return, the court will take appropriate action against them. We hope you get enough details about the incident.

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