Bluestone Jewellery IPO Date, Price Band, Issue Size, GMP, DRHP Details

Bluestone Jewellery is going to launch its IPO soon in the share bazaar. The company postponed its plans for IPO in 2022 when it decided to take funding of Rs. 1500 crore from the investors. They raised the funding privately at that time. We will share details about Bluestone Jewellery IPO Date, Price, Band, Issue Size, GMP, and DRHP details below. The company deals in fine-quality jewelry to provide a premium experience to the customers.

Bluestone Jewellery IPO

Bluestone Jewellery IPO Details

The Bluestone Jewellery IPO release date is not announced yet. We will share its IPO details as soon as they become available. Till now, the company is planning to raise funding through an IPO after a prior delay. They will raise around Rs. 2,000 crore from the IPO. Earlier, they planned to raise around Rs. 1500 crore from the IPO. For this time, the company will dilute around 10-15% of the equity. They will provide both Offer for Sale and Fresh Equity shares. The company is providing a luxurious experience to all the customers out there.

Bluestone Jewellery has been running for a long time. It was launched in 2011. The company had good investors in his support like Ratan Tata. They might soon publish the DRHP papers. The company took investment from private investors early on. They felt it was not the right time for the company to go public. They postponed their plan at that time and took investments of around Rs. 550 crore from private investors. Some old and new investors were added to it as well.

Bluestone Jewellery established itself well in the Indian market. Having a beautiful representation of its products and brand, the company makes it look classic and luxurious bran. The company’s main motto is to provide quality to the consumers. The company might open its IPO by March end or April Beginning. We will update you about it above.

Bluestone Jewellery has yet to decide on the IPO price and open date of the company. After this only, we will come to know about the actual face value, number of shares, allotment basis, and subscription of the shares of the company. Bluestone looks up to provide the IPO offering to QIB (Qualified Institutional Buyers), Reatail, and others. If we talk about Bluestone Jewelery’s sales, they are making good growth and expect to grow further by the end of this year. We hope you get enough details about Bluestone Jewelry IPO details above. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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