BMC Chatbot vs ChatGPT Features, Pricing, How it will Work? Know Everything

After the massive success of artificial intelligence there a bulk of AI has been launched by various companies. ChatGPT is the most popular chatbot with mind-blowing features and is built with a lot of information. It was developed by Open AI. But now the Indian government has announced its own Chatgpt developed by BMC. This AI just creating an amazing buzz among technology enthusiasts. If you are looking for a good comparison between BMC Chatbot vs Chatgpt. You can read all the details here briefly and get all the key details you need to know.

BMC Chatbot vs ChatGPT

What is BMC Chatbot (ChatBMC)?

Recently, BMC came into the headlines after announcing the launch of a multimedia chatbot. It is made an Indian chatbot with various features and unlimited information. After the news, everyone became curious to know What is BMC Chatbot and How it will Work?

There are numerous things to discuss and we will explore everything that you should need to know before using BMC Chatbot on your device. We want to inform you all that this chatbot by BMC is yet to be launched and the parent company is on the way to launching this chatbot for our use. There are several things that BMC has taken care of like the privacy of users with the regulation over minimum age to use this AI.

BMC Chatbot vs ChatGPT

Now it is time to do a detailed comparison between these two chatbot AI. ChatGPT is the first AI to provide a chatbot that can give answers to our queries faster and more accurately. Also, somewhere it challenged Google the dominating search engine on the Internet. After the massive popularity of Open AI’s ChatGPT google launched Bard.

As per the claim, ChatGPT offers an extraordinary response in every way and gives you a perfect answer to your query. It can write for you, it can create art for you and even help you in coding as well. No doubt is extremely powerful AI ever generated by humans. When you use it, you will realize that there are some limitations in the free version of ChatGPT and the premium version comes with more advantages.

Discussing the primary features of BMC Chatbot then we have information about it. This AI will also work the same as Open AI’s ChatGpt. But after reading the statements from the makers you can expect more good results from this AI by BMC. Hopefully, it will do all the tasks of taking care of people’s privacy and personal information.

How BMC Chatbot will Work?

BMC Chatbot (ChatBMC) will offer live chat service with the support of artificial intelligence.

What is the Pricing of ChatBMC?

Currently, it is absolutely free and no pricing is available.

Who is ChatBMC Owner Company?

ChatBMC is developed and made by an Indian company Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation.

What is BMC Chatbot Launch Date?

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation going to launch this Indian Chatbot very soon. The official launch date is yet to be announced.

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