Chandrika Gera Dixit Biography, Age, Husband, Success Story

Chandrika Gera Dixit is also known as Viral Vada Pav Girl. People know her for her famous street food. We will share details about Delhi’s Viral Vada Pav girl below. Delhi’s Viral Girl is fighting a battle with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. As per MCD, she should close her Vada Pav stall in Sainik Vihar, Pitampura. However, she is still containing her work and getting a lot of support from the people. Let us dive deep into Chandrika Gera Dixit’s biography below.

Chandrika Gera Dixit Biography

Who Is Chandrika Gera Dixit?

Chandrika Gera Dixit is famously known for her Viral Vada Pav recipes. She is going viral all over social media after her controversy. MCD (Municipal Corporation Of Delhi) asked her to close her vada pav stall. Thus, she is having a lot of pressure to shut down her stall. However, she is still going on with her full spirit.

Chandrika Gera Dixit belongs to Indore. She spent her childhood in the city. Later, she moved to Delhi for work after losing her parents. She becomes an orphan at a young age. People saw her as an inspiration and also supported her in her journey. Chandrika Gera Dixit is married to Yash Gera. The couple gave birth to a lovely child as well. To save her husband and child from the threats, she changed her stall’s location.

We all know that she has good support from her social media fans. Thus, she is not going to have much impact on her business. Chandrika started working at a company where she spent four years. However, her son got dengue. It created a lot of difficulties in her life as a mother. She decided to leave her job to earn more and create something big.

Chandrika Gera Dixit shifted to her own business by the name Mumbai Ka Famous Vada Pav. She started her journey with only two vada pavs. She is now an inspiration for all the youth who want to start something of their own. Being an orphan, she had no family support. Thus, she was the only one who had to do it all alone.

After she met her husband, she got a lot of support. She builds herself even better. The couple lives together happily. We will share details about Chandrika Gera Dixit’s more updates shortly. You can follow her on her Instagram account for more updates. She is on Instagram as @chandrika.dixit.

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