Cloudflare Employee recorded layoff, 9 minutes Video Sparks the Internet

Cloudflare CEO Matthew Browning Prince gets into the headlines after reacting ‘painful’ to a woman employee fired video. This incident got everyone’s attention because of the emotional moment in that video. The woman is a Cloudflare employee and got fired during the layoff. But the twist came when she recorded the 9-minute-long video. Must be the layoff happened due to cost costing. Everything about this incident is available below and we will discuss all the things and the interesting facts you need to know.

Cloudflare Employee

Currently, thousands of users on Twitter and Instagram reacting to this video. Brittany Pietsch is the name of the woman fired in the viral video. Cloudflare employee Brittany Pietsch got fired by the HR management on a video call. She recorded the whole incident on her mobile phone camera. She is now the ex-employee of Cloudflare. When the video went viral, CEO Matthew Browning Prince reacted to it. What he said, read below his original statement.

He added that “sometimes underperforming employees don’t actually listen to the feedback they’ve gotten before we let them go.” He also explained that letting someone go doesn’t necessarily brand them as a bad employee. “It doesn’t mean (they) won’t be really, really great somewhere else,” said Mr Prince.

In this video, you can see the Cloudflare employee Brittany Pietsch crying while listening to her HR. The overall moment is emotional from the point of view of an employee. It is really hard to survive without a job. The continuous rise of layoffs in the corporate world makes job people worried. Nowadays, no one can depend on their corporate job because of the ongoing layoff culture. What do you think about this whole incident, write in the comment section. Numerous writers are quoting this viral video and reacting with their thoughts about the sudden layoff culture in the corporate world. Since 2020, this has become a trend and we all hear about layoffs by corporate companies usually every day. Stay tuned to our website for more latest business news and updates.

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