Crypto Community Donated Over $9.9M in Crypto to Ukraine And $2M From NFT Sales

The Ukraine Russia war crisis is continuously rising. Due to the situation, there is lakh of people who suffer from this war. Recently, a campaign has been started to help the Ukrainian people. There are many people who sent donations to Ukraine’s government and you will be amazed to know the total contribution to Ukraine. So let’s begin to know all the details briefly with all the information.

Crypto Community Donated Over $9.9M in Crypto to Ukraine And $2M From NFT Sales

Crypto Community Donated Over $9.9 Million in Crypto to Ukraine

The currently available details say that around $9.9 million in crypto has been sent to Ukraine and it includes almost $2 Million from the NFT sales. It is surprising for all the people. However, there is a huge possibility that the number of donations may be a rise in the upcoming days.

The government of Ukraine also tweeted from its official account on Saturday that it was “now accepting cryptocurrency donations.” Many people have contributed to Ukraine’s people that can help in the survival. Also, the funds can help the Ukraine government in this amid war crisis.

However, the Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has tweeted in this donation matter. He has awarded the people to be careful while donating the ETH, BTC, and another crypto to Ukraine. Vitalik Buterin notified the users because of the risk of attacks by hackers. You can check the official tweet on Twitter where he has aware people stay careful during the transaction in the Ukraine crypto donation. If there is any other update comes then we will add the information soon.

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