Daniel George Biography, Career, Net Worth, IIT Bombay Techie Success Story

Daniel George is a 29-year-old boy ready for his retirement before entering his 30s. He says he has enough wealth to live the rest without worrying about salary or a paycheque. Daniel’s short but smart journey to success inspires many youngsters to follow him. Daniel is currently trending over the social media. He has run his company ThirdEar AI for five months. Following is a lookout at Daniel George’s Wiki bio, net worth, and success story.

Daniel George IIT

Who Is Daniel George IIT Bombay? Biography

Daniel George is a 29-year-old guy getting recognition for his early retirement. Daniel completed his education at Gregorian Public School in 2001. After his schooling, his hard work and good grades open the way to IIT Bombay. He enters college to pursue his graduation in BTech Engineering Physics. He made it by 2015. However, Google X took a special place in his mind as his dream job. He starts putting more effort into cracking the code for his dream job. Following is the wiki bio and the rest of the journey of Daniel to his young age retirement.

Daniel George Net Worth, Career & Success Story

Daniel George has a net worth of approx Rs. 20 crores. He lives his decent life in the US. Daniel shares in an interview that he can come back to India easily without worrying about his salary for life. He has earned enough money to retire. Daniel’s dream starts coming true after he moves abroad for his studies. He joined the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After enrolling in PhD in Astrophysics, he dedicates his final years to study till 2018. It was a three-year Ph.D. + MS program. Daniel didn’t waste his time during graduation. He contributed to several internships during his studies. Daniel started working as an intern in the universities or research departments in India during his IIT, continuing the same during his post-graduation. His LinkedIn profile is available with the username @dan7geo.

After completing his post-graduation and working with Wolfram during his studies, he landed his dream job in Google X. He had a package of Rs. 2.2 Crores per year. Just after 2.5 years, he got the opportunity from JPMorgan to double his income. He joins them as a Vice President for three years. Daniel mentions that he was investing most of his income and living with the minimum possible resources. He gets the confidence to open his company in Sep 2023 by the name Third Ear AI.

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