Delhi CM Says ‘Save Them Anyhow’ for 8 Indians Death Sentence In Qatar

The lives of 8 Indian Navy personnel are at risk as they are announced the death penalty in Qatar. Arvind Kejriwal who is the CM of Delhi has recently asked for more efforts. He has expressed his concern for the 8 ex-Indians stuck there. According to him, it is a matter of 8 lives and their family members. The government has said that they are putting all the efforts to save them and the Delhi government is also trying to make friendly relations with the country.

Delhi CM Says 'Save Them Anyhow' for 8 Indians Death Sentence In Qatar

What Did Kejriwal Said On 8 Indians Death Sentence In Qatar?

Delhi Chief Minister, Kejriwal has shown concern and asked the centre to do something for the rescue. These 8 ex-Indian Navy personnel were working with Dahra Global located in Doha. They provide security and support to the defense and aerospace. They are said to be going for the death penalty according to the Qatar government’s final decision. India is trying to make changes as Qatar has also secured the release of the hostages from Gaza. This will surely impact the relationships between India and Qatar. If they do not change the decision, this will impact future deals and tie-ups.

How Were You Indians Captured In Qatar?

The Irrational ex-Indian navy personnel were caught in the country in 2022. They were caught as according to the officials they had the intention to find some secret info about Qatar. However, the exact details are not yet mentioned. According to the Indian government, giving the death penalty to Indians in Qatar is a big concern to think about. The matter is still going on and nothing has been cleared yet. The family of the 8 members is also concerned.

Family Members Of 8 Indians In Qatar

The family members of those 8 Indians are going through tough times. They did not imagine such a scenario to happen. The family members are praying for their safety and urging the Indian government to do something about it. The death penalty was announced recently after keeping them in custody in 2022. The individuals were there regarding their jobs and had been sentenced under an espionage case. Kejriwal wants the center to do everything it can in order to protect them. While it is yet to see what happens. These matters are often complicated and take time to be solved. The Union Ministry of External Affairs decision has made India shocked.

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