Dilip Surana Managing Director at Micro Lab Maker of Dolo 650 Know His Net Worth

Dolo 650 is trending on the internet for the last few days. Dilip Surana is the Chairman and Managing Director (MD) at Micro Lab. Here is the Dilip Surana micro lab MD Net Worth. Micro Lab is a pharma sector company that produces Dolo-650. Now company revenue has surged and sold over 350 crore pills. The market share has also surged to 60%. There are lots of tweets and memes of Dolo-650 and it is one of the reasons behind teh sudden popularity of this medicine. Let’s start with the brief details here and get all the information. Also, read Anand Subramanian Wiki

Dilip Surana Net Worth

Who is Dilip Surana? Dolo 650 Maker Micro Lab MD

Previously nobody expected the huge popularity of this medicine. Currently, everyone is amazed to see this huge trend in the popularity of Dolo 650. Surana is a 30-year pharma veteran who joined the family business and took over operations in 1983. However, there is paracetamol also which is an alternative to this medicine pill. Over the years he became the successful businessman and pillar behind the success of the micro lab.

The market share of the micro lab has been raised with a massive jump. Talking about the share price then we want to tell you that the company is yet to be listed in the share market. In the last few months, the demand for Dolo 650 has surged to an unexpected level.

Dilip Surana Net Worth

Now comes to the Micro Lab Managing Director Dilip Surana Net Worth. Then we want to tell you that he is one of the billionaire personalities. As per the data in 2020 Micro Lab Managing Director Dilip Surana Net Worth is around $1.6 billion. Most probably currently it is changed and the exact latest detail will be updated here. After the current financial report, you may see a jump in his revenue. The latest financial report is yet to come.

Micro Lab Share Price

As per the details, the share price is not yet available because the company is not listed on the stock exchange. Even on the basis of reports company has not yet planned to launch its IPO. Possibly the information will come in the upcoming days. You can bookmark the post in your browser and get all the information. We will give you all the updates briefly.

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