Dinesh Thakkar Net Worth, Biography, Car Collection, Angel One Founder Success Story

Dinesh Thakkar is the founder of Angel One. It is one of the most successful investment platforms. Everyone wants to know about Dinesh Thakkar’s net worth, biography, age, wife, success story, education, and car collection. Angel One has made a revenue of Rs. 2,984.08 crores in March 2023. The company’s share price is Rs. 3,181 per share. It reached its highest of Rs. 3245.05 per share. Recently, the company announced its new CEO. Hemen Bhatia will be working as Angel One’s CEO.

Dinesh Thakkar

Dinesh Thakkar Biography, Age, Early Life of Angel One Founder

Dinesh Thakkar is the founder and chairman of Angel One. He was born and brought up in India. Dinesh studied at St. John School from 1978 to 1980. Later, he was admitted to Kishinchand Chellaram College of Arts Commerce And Science. He enrolled in a computer science course at the college. Dinesh has expertise in stockbroking, finance, investments, trading, business development, Team Management, Portfolio Management, Equities, Wealth Management, and Capital Markets. Let us have a look at the Wiki bio of Dinesh Thakkar below.

Name: Dinesh Thakkar
Profession: Businessman
Known As: Founder of Angel One
Gender: Female
Age: 60 years approx
Birthplace: India
Alma Mater: St. John school and Kishinchand Chellaram College of Arts Commerce And Science
Education: Graduation
Nationality: Indian

Dinesh Thakkar Net Worth And Car Collection

Dinesh Thakkar has a net worth of Rs. 2300 crores. He is also among the top 600 rich people in India. Dinesh is said to have a salary of $ 689k or Rs. 5.5 crores plus. Dinesh is fond of cars. He is often seen with different luxury and sports cars. Dinesh owns the Porsche 911 GT3. Dinesh has a luxurious mansion in India as well as foreign. Let’s discuss his personal life and family.

Dinesh Thakkar’s Wife, Family

Dinesh Thakkar married to Kanta. The couple have been living together for more than a decade. Vijay and Vinay are two sons of Dinesh and Kanta. They are often seen on vacation together. However, Dinesh has not revealed much about his wife yet.

Hemen Bhatia Biography, Age, Salary, Net Worth, Angel One CEO Career and Success Story

Entrepreneurship Career, Success Story

Dinesh Thakkar started working around 33 years ago. He had an interest in the stock market and finance since the beginning. Dinesh studied more about the same. He started the company on 8 August 1996. It’s been 27 years of Angel one success in the market. The company makes a revenue of Rs. 125 crores in total with a market cap of 10,000 crores.

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