Dolly Chaiwala Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Success Story and How he Met Bill Gates

The famous teal stall owner Dolly Chaiwala is getting huge fame after surprisly met with prominent entrepreneur and founder of Microsoft. His real name is Sunil Patil. Dolly Chaiwala has over 10,000 followers on his Instagram and popular for social media presence like other well know creators. After when his picture with Bill gates got viral, everyone become curious to know about him and income. Here we going to unveil all the information below about him and how he met microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Dolly Chaiwala

Who Is Dolly Chaiwala? Biography, Age, Net Worth, Success Story

Sunil Patil aka Dolly Chaiwala is a maharshtra, Nagpur based tea seller. His unique style tea stall setup is one of the reason behind his popularity on the Internet. In the past months he met with other social media stars. He is 25 year old now. He went to local government school and complete d his basic schooling. Leter, he started doing own work for his survival. Now he is running a teal stall which is named as ‘ Dolly Chaiwala’. His tea stall is one of the most popular tea stall in Nagpur and people love to visit his place. Some people share picture with him and experience of Dolly Chaiwala’s tea.

He is earning from his tea stall and social media collaboration as well. Currently, Sunil Patil aka Dolly Chaiwala net worth is ₹10 lakh. He recently crossed the ₹10 lakh net worth with sudden rise in his income from various sources. Sunil Patil is continously gaining huge attention because of tea making style and people loves the taste of his tea. He offers variety of tea which makes him different from other existing tea stall in his city. His Instagram is available username @dollychaiwala.

Recently, Dolly Chaiwala became the interenet sensation after a picture shared by the microsoft founder Bill Gates. Bill Gates wrote various beautiful things after visiting India and enjoyed variety of foods. He also wrote about Dolly Chaiwala with holding the tea in a very personal manner. Some users on social media has written that the video is looking like AI generated. Now the video is getting atention and people amazed to see that world’s promiennt entrepreneur Bill Gates visited a Chai tapri in India and share his review. Stay tuned for the latest business news on our website.

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