Easy Trip Planners Q3 Results 2024 Fiscal Period Revenue, Net Profit, Sales

Easy Trip Planners Q3 results 2024 will be announced in a few days. Looking into the previous results, the company expects to be profitable for the investors. The company made headlines by taking a stand for the country in Lakshadweep v/s Maldives controversy. Upon receiving unpleasant words from the Maldives’ minister about India and PM Modi, the company suspended all its Maldives travel bookings. They offer heavy discounts on the trip to Indian Island, Lakshadweep, promoting tourism there. Easy Trip Planners is getting people’s support for the action, boosting their revenue from domestic trips. Let’s unveil all the important details below.

Easy Trip Planners Q3 Results 2024

Easy Trip Planners Q3 2024: Net Profits, Earnings, And Sales Report

Easy Trip Planners Q3 2024 is expected to be released by January end. The previous quarter showed the company’s true potential by making a 66% YoY rise in the net profit. While Q2 2023 was only able to make a net profit of Rs. 28 Crores. It gave new hope to the Indian travel-based startup to expand its empire further. Easy Trip Planners lands at Rs. 142 crores revenue from operation with 31% YoY growth.

The second largest online travel company sets examples with its Bharat First objective. The shares witness an upsurge in the share price after the controversy, booming its value by 17.51%. Easy Trip Planners is ready to break its 52-week highest record of Rs. 56.40. Its clarity in its functionality has led to its return in the market. The company expects the shares to rise to Rs. 60 by next month.

The Q3 2023 made a net profit of Rs. 42 Crore with YoY growth of 4%. It led to revenue growth of 58% to Rs. 136 Crore. The Q3 2024 expects to have a YoY positive with a healthy balance sheet. The revenue for Q3 2024 is expected to cross Rs. 150 Crores. However, the Easy Trip Planners can validate the rest upon its Q3 release.

The Q3 2024 is expected to be released by the End of January 2024. The investors await the quarter results eagerly to look up to their decisions ahead. Along with Q3, Q4 2024 can witness a hike in the revenue. The company maintains goodwill among the people, leading to more people trusting them. We will update you about the Q3 2024 results soon. The company is currently giving discounts to its customers for Lakshadweep trips. You can enter coupons like BHARATFIRST and NATIONFIRST to get the discount. We hope you get enough details about the Easy Trip Planners Q3 2024 results.

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