FII Invested ₹870 Crore in Indian Market ahead Lok Sabha Elections 2024

FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) prefer Indian stocks over US stocks even after getting a high US Yield there. What is the reason? Why do Foreign investors prefer the Indian market? What is the plus point that we need to grab at the moment? We will share details about FII weekly and monthly investment in the Indian market comparing it with DII. Apart from that, we will also have a look at the Nifty 50, Nifty Bank, and Sensex’s performance.

FII Invested ₹870 Crore in Indian Market ahead Lok Sabha Elections 2024

FII Infuses ₹870 Crore In the Cash Market

Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) infuse Rs. 870 Crore into the market because of decreasing outflows. The FII’s total weekly investment is Rs. 23.51 Crore while its monthly investment is Rs. 870 Crore. There were three out of five sessions for FII as buyers. However, if we talk about Domestic Institutional Buyers (DII), they were also buyers for three out of five sessions. However, domestic investment was more compared to foreign investors. The DII invested around Rs. 8,268 Crore for the period which is more than the foreign investors.

Apart from that, the country has a growing economy with more potential overall. Thus, more people prefer buying from Indian market stocks with high risk and high returns. The countries like US, the UK, and Canada are developed. Thus, it has less scope in comparison.

If we talk about the market, it grew quite well in the past few days. The market is performing high with Nifty 50 crossing 22,300. It is 1.62% high today. On the other hand, Bank nifty is 2.53% high today crossing 47,200. It is close to touch 47,300. Everyone is looking for more details about the market. The Nifty 50 made a close higher than the previous close. It closed at 22,327 today. The previous close was at 21,982.80. Thus, it’s a very good growth.

Bank Nifty is also at a 2.53% high today. It made a close of 47,250 today. Its previous close was at 46,120.90. Sensex is not far behind. It is also following the share market rally. Sensex has crossed 73,700 recently. It made a growth of 1,245.05 points or 1.72%. Thus, the market closes at 73,665.98 today with the previous close of 72,500.30. The three of them expect to touch their all-time high or even create a new record higher than the previous one. We will update you more about it shortly. The FII growth in the country has a positive impact as well in the country. We hope you get enough details about DII and FII above. Stay tuned for more information above.

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