Fine Organics Q3 Results 2024 Fiscal Period: Earnings, Net Profit, Sales Report

Fine Organics is one of the biggest suppliers of Natural Mint Derivatives and Menthol Crystals. Fine Organics Q3 results are going to be released in January 2024. The Company Fine Organics’s Q2 profit was Rs.103.37 crores. It has shown that Fine Organics per share value is Rs. 4510.60. The company had a high ROC and ROE, indicating good growth of the company. However, the 2022 March had several unexpected lows. Let us explore more about Fine Organics’ performance below.

Fine Organics Q3 Results 2024

Fine Organics Q3 Results FY24 Earnings, Net Profit, Sales Report:

Fine Organics Q3 has a healthier balance sheet. The net income of the company decreased in Q3 2023. It was higher in Q2. The expense also increased sideways. It is on YOY high but said to be falling in quarter results. The company had a fall after Q2. The company has a share price of Rs. 4510. The Q3 results were a little more disappointing than the previous year. We hope that this year will have further improvements.

Fine Organics Q2 FY 2024 showed a little decrease in income as compared to the Q1 income. Apart from that, the company’s expense has also fallen. The quarterly profit has seen a small increase. On the other hand, it is still falling every year. The EPS also increased. The company’s expenses also decreased with a decrease in income.

Fine Organics Q3 FY 2024 will be released in January 2024. The company expects an increase in the profit. It will be difficult to say whether there will be a massive growth seen in the short period or not. Fine Organics Q3 results can be released by the third week of January 2024.

Fine Organics stock has fallen by 5% in the last six months. The company has made a loss, but its business is said to have a scope. It has increased its profit since 2019. It might be facing a little tough time but experts believe that the company has growth scope.

Fine Organics is a debt-free company which makes it unique. There are very less companies that are free. The promoters have not sold any of their holdings yet making it clear that the promoters believe in the growth of the company. The stock fell by 45% in October end. However, the company is still growing every year. We hope you get enough details about Fine Organics Q3 2024.

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