Flipkart Fraud: Man Received Unexpected Product After Ordering A Sony TV

There is news about a recent Flipkart Fraud with a Man. We all have seen a digital shift in shopping since technological advancements have taken place. We have also seen some fraudulent activities taking place in the market. A similar case took place with a man who bought a Sony TV from Flipkart. He got another company’s TV in the packing of Sony TV. How did Flipkart respond? people are eager to know more about whether Flipkart helped resolve the issue of this person or not. Let us have a detailed look at the case.

flipkart fraud

Flipkart Fraud: Man Ordered Sony TV From Flipkart But Received Unexpected Product?

A Man recently ordered a Sony TV from Flipkart and received something completely unexpected. He ordered a Sony TV on 7th October 2023 and received the order on 10th October 2023. He did not open the TV and waited for the fitting man to come. The fitting man from the company arrived the next day on 11th October 2023. As the man opened the TV box, it was a Thomson TV. There were no accessories for the TV inside the box as well. He immediately reported this to customer care. He was asked for pictures of the TV which he uploaded in return request. He uploaded the pictures thrice as the customer service asked.

Two weeks have passed but his return request has not been accepted by the company yet. He is dealing with a lot of challenges with that TV. Many people who read this case are giving him suggestions to report a case. A lot of other people shared such incidents as well. One of the customers shared the same incident when he ordered the OnePlus 11r. He received a box with soap inside it. He is being advised to report a case in consumer court. We will update you as we receive more updates. The customer has posted his story on Twitter X while he is asked to remove the post from the platform as well.

Another Case Of Flipkart’s Wrong Product Delivery

There is another case in which a customer ordered a Family Makhana pack. As it was opened the Makahanas had insects inside them. The pictures were also shared by the customer on social media. These activities often fade the trust of the consumers on the platforms. Both the cases are tried to be solved as soon as possible. The customer care services provided by the company often disappoint the people.

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