Gillette India Quarter Results FY24 Sees 39 percent rise Net Profit, Revenue Surges

Gillette India quarter results are out now. The company’s shares maintained a decent pace after the results. Gillette India’s quarter results for December end are positive with a rise in the net profit of 39.6%. As the company follows a July to June financial year, Gillette made a rise of 39.6% in the Q2 results. We will share details about Gillette India’s net profit, revenue, EBITDA, and more below. Gillette is the company that brought the idea of shaving from the convenience of home to men. Let’s discuss all the details below.

Gillette India Quarter Results FY24

Gillette India Quarter Results FY 2024 Net Profits, Sales, And Revenue

Gillette released its Q2 results on Tuesday leading to a net profit of Rs. 1.04 Billion ($12.5 Million) from October to December. The company also has a rise in revenue as well. There is a rise of 3.4% in revenue for the quarter end. In comparison to other companies like Colgate, and Hindustan Unilever, the company has less EBITDA of 31.76. Colgate-Palmolive has an EBITDA of 34.05 and Hindustan Unilever has an EBITDA of 35.33.

Gillette is known for its razors and shaving equipment along with a line of Oral B toothbrushes. Gillette India distributes the dividend of Rs. 85 per share for FY 2023-24. There will be a one-time special dividend of Rs. 40 per share as well. The company had an increase in the share price by 2.02% in the month. The current share price is going on at Rs. 6,606 per share. There is a rise of 1.87% in Tuesday’s session. The company believes in providing good dividends to the shareholders. Gillette announces Rs. 85 as the dividend of the company for the current quarter. The profit of the company rose to 39.6% by the end of the month.

Several other details are yet to be announced. Gillette is an old and established brand. It made its entry in India on 9th February 1984. It targeted the changing needs of the customers over time. Gillette keeps the price affordable for consumers to reach a larger audience. It becomes a brand that everyone buys and uses. As women started preferring to shave, the company also introduced razors for multipurpose use and female use as well. The shares of Gillette India are expected to rise further. Giant Procter & Gamble Co. holds the majority share of the company. We hope you get enough details about Gillette India’s Q2 results above.

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