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Heidi Agan is in the headlines for being a lookalike of Kate Middleton. Kate is a member of the British Royal Family and a Princess of Wales. Everyone is targeting Heidi Agan to be with Kate Middleton’s husband in the viral video. Everyone is awaiting to get a response from her side. Whether she was with Kate’s husband or not. After getting trolled a lot, she finally spoke about the viral video. Let us dive deep into the viral video of Kate and her husband below.

Heidi Agan

Who Is Heidi Agan? lookalike of Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton’s video is going viral all over the internet. Everyone is eager to know about the girl with her. After Heidi went viral publically as a lookalike of Kate Middleton, everyone thinks of Heidi Agan with Kate’s husband in that video. Heidi recently broke her silence on the viral video. She mentions that she was not in the video with Kate’s husband. The video has Kate Middleton in it. Heidi further mentions that she was teaching at a dance and musical theatre group. However, people are going crazy thinking about Kate as Heidi in the viral video. She gave her 100% assurance to the public that the video had Kate in it. She was not with him.

Heidi Agan belonged to a normal family. She used to work as a waitress at a Burger joint in the UK. Later, people came to know that she was a lookalike of Kate Middleton. It caught everyone’s attention. She now works for different publications, media events, and television series. Heidi Agan was a passionate individual for her work. She never gave up on her aspirations. Heidi Agan is a look-alike of Kate Middleton who is 42 years old. As per rumors, Kate Middleton was going through some abdominal surgery for a non-cancerous condition. However, no one saw her after that. There has been a curiosity among people to know about her current situation. While the video with her husband made it clear that she is fine. As Heidi Agan also cleared that she was not in the video. It indicates that it was Kate.

Heidi Agan has a net worth of approx $2 million. She is actively involved in her work. We will update you more about her as we get to know. Heidi quit her job in 2012 after which, people came to know about her. However, the day changed her life completely. People now know her as the lookalike of Kate Middleton.

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