Hemangi Sakhi Biography, Age, Political Career, Real Name, and Success Story

Hemangi Sakhi is known as the first transgender storyteller in India. She is prominent for reciting the Bhagwat Katha, Ram Katha, and Devi Bhagwat Katha. Facing a lot of humiliation in her childhood, she fought back when the situations became tough in her life. Hemangi was going through the worst part of her life when she was only 10 years old. Suffering from the rape, not being able to study, and losing her parents were her most challenging situations in life.

Hemangi Sakhi

Who Is Hemangi Sakhi?

Hemangi Sakhi is India’s prominent and most loved trans storyteller. She is also the first transgender to do so in the country. Hemangi was born in 1977 in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Thus, she is currently approx 47 years old. As we mentioned above, she had a lot of difficulties in her life in her early childhood. Hemangi Saki’s life was going well till she was living with her parents and studying in school.

However, at the age of ten years, her father passed away due to a heart attack. It hurt her mother’s health as well. Thus, she also passed away due to poor health conditions a few days after her father’s death. Thus, she became an orphan at the age of 10 years. She studied only up to 3rd class. Hemangi had to leave the school because of losing her father. Later, she went to Vrindavan’s Iskon Temple where she lived for a few days. However, she was not able to live there for longer after everyone knew about her being transgender.

Thus, she left the place and started working in Hollywood movies. She wanted to earn money and decided to do so. Hemangi made around Rs. 2 lakhs from her work. She brought herself her first land at Vrindavan.Hemangi Sakhi decided to move to Mumbai for more work where her journey to spirituality and storytelling began.

She recited Shiv Puran, Ram Katha, and Bhagwat Katha. Her storytelling and recites are prominent in India and outside as well. People from countries like Dubai, Bangalore, Singapore, and Bangkok also listen to her. People call her Mahamandaleshwar. She founded Ardhanarishwar Dham later. Hemangi recites her spiritual thoughts and storytelling at the place itself. As per sources, she is living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The journey was not easy. During the journey, she went through a lot of ups and downs where people rejected her.

She never gave up on her life and is going strong in her life. Her ultimate goal is to promote religion worldwide.

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