Hindalco Inds acquired a 26% stake in Ayana Renewable Power

Hindalco Inds acquired a 26% stake in Ayana Renewable Power Four (ARPFPL). The company is among India’s largest renewable energy companies. It was acquired to assist in the power generation of Hindalcos Smelter in Odisha. It will help produce around 100 MW of round-the-clock renewable energy for the company. Everyone is curious to know more about the acquisition. The company is all ready to explore new opportunities and expand further.

Hindalco Inds

Hindalco Inds recently acquired around 26% stake in The Ayana Renewable Power Four (ARPFPL). The company wants to provide continuous supply to its smelter located in Odisha. The company has become the associate company of Hindalco Industries now. Hindalco Industries comes under the Aditya Birla Group. It is among the top companies in India. Hindalco deals in the production of Aluminium and copper on a large scale. The company gets the majority of its revenue from these two products. In the field of aluminum companies, no one has beaten them in the earnings till now. They are playing on the top.

Ayana Renewable Power Four (ARPFPL) is the top player in the renewable energy field. Hindalco will get assistance from the company with the supply of 100 MW in the smelter located in Odisha. It will increase their production quality as well. There has been a curiosity among people to know more about the company’s work performance.

Hindalco is giving an average growth of 1% in the month and maintaining its stable pace. The company has a market cap of Rs. 1.31 Lakhs Crore. It reached its all-time high of Rs. 620.50 with a 52-week low of Rs. 381. The share opened at Rs. 578.60 per share on Tuesday. At the same time, it was closed previously at Rs. 579 per share. The company is also making good profits quarterly.

Hindalco Industries had a decline in revenue in the previous quarter. However, the consolidated net profits made a rise in Q2 2024. We will share more details about its upcoming quarter results shortly after its release. The company’s revenue increase will lead to the growth in the Indian economy. The stocks have witnessed a rally in the past few days after a steep fall in the shares. The speculations say that it will grow further with the acquisition. It will increase the production quality many times. We hope you get enough details about Hindalco Industries’ new acquisition above.

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