How Gautam Singhania Nawaz Modi Divorce Impacting Raymond Group? Everything Explained!

Gautam Singhania Nawaz Modi both are in the top headlines for the last few days because of their divorce and assault case on Gautam Singhania. They announced their separation on 13 November 2023. Nawaz has demanded for 75% of his net worth. It will include 50% for her two daughters and 25% for herself. Will Gautam agree to it? If Nawaz gets 75% of his net worth, the chances are high that it will impact the financial status of Gautam Singhania. Let us discuss the recent controversy of Gautam Singhania Nawaz Modi.

Gautam Singhania Nawaz Modi

What Actually Happened Between Gautam Singhania Nawaz Modi?

Nawaz Modi has a high chance to join the Raymond Group because of the support of Vijaypat Singhania the former chairman of Raymond Group. The Raymond Group has continuously witnessed a fall in its stock price after the incident. The public is supporting Nawaz Singhania in the incident. There is a fallout of Rs 1500 crores from the market capitalization of the company. The sudden fall in the last two weeks says a lot about the company’s future.

Nawaz Modi Biography, Age, Father, Gautam Singhania Wife Wiki, Relationships

Nawaz Modi and her husband were once said to be the best couple. They are now on the verge of divorce. Gautam Singhania has announced his divorce from his wife. He also denied Nawaz’s entry to the Diwali party in the office. Nawaz Singhania has shared the incidents that took place with her in detail.

She has mentioned that Gautam Singhania has beaten her along with her elder daughter. She was also hospitalized for five days with a fracture in one of her spine’s bones. Nawaz said her daughter tried calling for help. Her daughter called the police but he did not allow the cops to enter the apartment. Ambani’s family helped her a lot. She was also admitted to Reliance Hospital. She is currently living with her father. Gautam also cheated on his father and did not give him the promised share in the company.

How this Controversy Impacting Raymond Group Valuation!

The current value of Raymond Group is said to be Rs. 1,574.50. There is a fall of 4.49% today, with around a 10% fall in the last few days. The stock price is down by 73.95 points. However, Gautam is still confident with the growth of the company. Gautam has recently called a meeting to assure all the members that his marriage won’t be affecting the company’s performance. He is looking to expand in other fields, including the aerospace, defense, and EV sectors. He is positive about the company’s growth.

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