Who Is IAS Radha Raturi? Wiki, Career, Success Story, First Woman Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s New Chief Secretary Radha Raturi is a prominent IAS and is known for her impressive achievements in her life. IAS Radha Raturi becomes the first chief secretary of Uttarakhand on January 30, 2024. Now she is in the top stories after being promoted to Uttarakhand’s Chief Secretary designation. She has achieved a lot of awards in her career for her marvelous work. She is a reputed government officer with huge passion and loyalty towards the nation. Here we have discussed IAS Radha Raturi’s biography, career, and success story. Read interesting facts about the most famous personality in today’s headlines.

IAS Radha Raturi

IAS Radha Raturi was born in Madhya Pradesh and came to Uttarakhand after marriage. She cleared her Indian Administration Services (IAS) in Batch of 1998. However, she started her journey with Journalism. She is the daughter of BK Srivastava who was also in civil services. Radha Raturin got married to IPS officer Anil Raturi in 1987. IAS Radha Raturi has a good personality and is likely a person who loves simplicity. She loves to care for her loved ones and also like to do social services.

Current Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Radha Raturi’s career started when she completed her senior secondary education and prepared for her first attempt at UPSC. She was successful in the Indian Information Service and then cleared UPSC on her second attempt. She completed her Mass Communication from Mumbai and took training at Indian Express Mumbai. Radha Raturi completed her post-graduation in the year 1985. After clearing IPS in 1987, Radha Raturi went to Hyderabad for training.

She is a great inspiration for everyone who wants to achieve something big in life. Uttarakhand Chief Secretary Radha Raturi’s success is the result of her hard work and continuous loyalty towards her work. The achievements she achieved cannot be done without hard work. After becoming the first woman to hold the top administrative post in Uttarakhand, she created history and brought her name to remain in history which will inspire the youth.

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  1. I am extremely proud that Mrs Radha Raturi has taken over as Chief Secretory, Uttarakhand. She is an iconic personality as we have seen her and heard about her from various news and her participation in conferences. I wish her more success, happiness and good health!

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