Icon Of the Seas Pricing, Facts, Facilities, Itinerary and Capacity of the World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas becomes the world’s largest cruise ship running nearly 1200 feet or 365 meters from bow to stren. The cruise’s construction took a long time. There are a lot of special things about this world’s largest cruise ship. It will begin its journey from Port of Miami on Saturday. We will have a look at some facts about Royal Caribbean’s Icon Of the Seas pricing, facts, and facilities below. Its designing and interior is a hard work of many years. It aims to provide the best vacation experience to the customers.

Icon Of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s Icon Of the Seas will move from Port of Miami towards its first journey. The world’s largest cruise will be known as Icon Of the Seas. The ship will provide the world’s best cruise and luxury experience. The cruise will be so iconic that people already started pre-booking. The first day will bring the highest recorded booking in the Royal Caribbean in 53 years. Its first look and first-day booking showed its actual potential for the Royal Caribbean.

The ship will have several luxury facilities like swimming pools, waterslides, theatres, and even ice skating rinks. Children and adults can have the fun of a water park through its six water slides. They can have movie time with their family in the theatres. The people booking the cruise can also have fun with ice skating. There will be 40 restaurants with bars and lounges as well. The ship is a 20-decker ship with eight neighbors. Icon of the Seas can carry 7600 passengers (max), including 2350 crew members to enhance their experience.

The ship is designed with a lot of impressive features. The following are some amazing facts about the Icon of the Seas. The world’s largest cruise ship will run on LNG and fuel cells. It will be the Royal Caribbean’s first ship to do so. There will be environmental benefits from the reduction of carbon emissions. The ship is manufactured at Meyer Shipyard Turku, Finland. The ship will have eight neighbors with different themes and different vibes.

Icon of the Seas is among the most expensive ships to be made. It cost around $2 billion (estimated) for the construction. The cruise and tour stocks are also increasing rapidly. The market is seeing potential growth in the upcoming years. The number of bookings on the first day of the Royal Caribbean’s Icon of the Seas said it all.

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