Who is InstaFire? Biography, Net Worth, Shark Tank Funding

Instafire is getting such massive attention on the internet right now. The shark tank contestant Instafire is suddenly in the headlines and people want to know everything about him. Here are several key details such as Instafire Biography, Net Worth, Education, Age, Career, Salary. If you are looking for one of these details then stay here to get an answer to your query. Also, you can visit our biography category to know about other prominent personalities.

Instafire Net Worth 2022

Instafire Biography

There are two entrepreneurs behind the InstaFire company. The names are Frank Weston and Konel Banner. InstaFire went popular when he came in Shark Tank. It is a reality show where new startups pitch Investors to raise funding. His company net worth is $7.5 Million. The primary work of the company is a water-repellant instant fire-starter. Everyone was amazed to see this company in Shark Tank. Investors liked the idea of this company.

Instafire Net Worth

Now after this massive popularity there are many people who want to know InstaFire Net Worth. So, as we have some information regarding this. InstaFire Net Worth is approx $8 Million. But it is pretty difficult to share the exact figure of the monthly revenue generated by the business.

People around the world are excited to know the progress of InstaFire deal and what happened to them after Shark Tank. As we have collected information, so we want to tell you that InstaFire deal is in progress and you will get updates soon. The

Instafire Shark Tank Funding

Discussing about the Shark Tank deal with InstaFire. So we want to inform you that the deal was signed at $300,000 for 30% shares. While the co-founders asked for $300,000 for 10%. There were two shark who were interested in this deal Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner.

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